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Our CDROMs are all interactive, allowing the user the mirror, resize, change colours, select different print options etc.  There are over 1 million different printable options on most CDROMS.
ALL at an incredible 5 each!

They fall into several different types:
General Crafting CDROMs
Each image has an image set of items. The image set includes
  • Image wizard, allowing you to mirror, resize in up to 40 sizes, add coloured background, borders etc, select print layout, printing 1, 2, 4, or mixed sizes.  These are ideal for using individually, creating T shirt designs, fridge magnetics - by printing on appropriate papers, or home decor as well as images for cards and scrapbooking.
  • 3D Decoupage, this always mirrors, and sometimes has resizing options
  • Backing papers, usually a choice of uop to 5 designs. Repeating patterns can be resized so you can print the same design with larger or smaller versions of the design.
  • Frames, rectangular and square, always resizable, various print options
  • Borders, always resizeable, and you can add background colour.
These are designed to help people get started with pen and ink and/or pastel drawing. They provide backgrounds which can be drawn over to create pen and ink drawings or pastel sketches.  Again all the mirror and resie options are available.

Digistamp CDROMs
These provide hundreds of different images, complete with an image wiard, which are exactly like stamped images.  They have the advantage of you being able to print them in up to 40 different sizes. You can also select the colour you want to use from teh most popular colours in embossing powders.

Tintup CDROMs
These are similar to Digistamps, except that a 3D option is provided, so you can literally create and colour 3D stamped images.  There is a range of backgrounds, borders etxc in each image set.

Specialist CDROMs
These are designed to perform a specialist function, like creating clock faces, designing cute creatures etc.

Template CDROMs
These provide resizable templates for items such as envelopes, gift boxes, gift bags, decorations, Art de Table etc.

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